Family Tree

At Bonhams Auction House, 2020

Painted on wood, “Family Tree” presents a deeply personal lyrical survey of the history of two families, Russian and Jewish, joined together as two trees intertwined by roots and branches. And in the heap of leaves under them, the inscriptions appear in Russian and English, as from the Genealogy of Christ, only from the artist’s genealogy: Nahum begat David, David begat Sima, And his wife’s name was Sima. This is not an accurate genealogical account, this is the story of people and the time they lived in.

“This is definitely very high quality work. Very personal, but at the same time reaching out to everyone. ”

Igor Tsukanov, art collector

“The Family Tree conveys our deep rooted need for connection and belonging. The themes explored in this work are at once universal and accessible while at the same time deeply personal and unique."

Masha Hinich, Israel Art and Culture