Adam and Eve, 

Homage to Cranach, 100 x76 cm

This is my take on the theme of Adam and Eve. Every few years the Russian orthodox Easter coincides with the Day of the Cosmonauts and I have amalgamated the symbolism of these two incongruous celebrations. Another bit of inspiration came from the lyrics of a song "Apple trees will grow on Mars." On Adam's space helmet the word "Mars" is emblazoned in red Cyrillic letters (MAPC). Eva's helmet has the word CPAM on it, which means "shame" in Russian and happens to be spelled like MAPC, backwards. I was amazed how this play on words fits the theme.

Both Adam and Eve's spacesuits have the name of the Soyuz (СОЮЗ) space station on them. Soyuz translates as "unity" from Russian and in the context of the work it represents the union into which Adam and Eve have entered.

Expulsion from Paradise

 Homage to Chagall, 80 x 100 cm

Apple from an Apple Tree

Homage to Magritte, 100 x 76 cm