Sima Vassilieva

Artist was born in the Ukraine in 1954. A graduate of Moscow State University she has been painting since 1980 and has taken part in numerous prestigious exhibitions. She works in an unusual painting manner on wooden boards creating colour-saturated pictures with a great sense of humour and grotesques combined with deep lyricism. She is a London-based artist since 1990.

Having moved to Britain, Sima began collaborating with Scottish sculptor Tim Stead and painted on carved wooden objects from his workshop. The natural beauty of ring and grain pattern flowing through the timber was used by Sima to create organic and often abstract pictorial elements arranged in fluid compositions.

Recently, Sima has spent nearly three years living in Malaysia and travelled to Japan and China. Her travels and interest in asiatic cultures are reflected in some of her most recent works. Currently Sima's work is displaying a direction back towards Sotz-Art movement, to witch she once belonged, creating a gallery of Soviet characters painted on wooden scoops. (The Russian word for scoop is "Sovok", which also stands for a "Soviet person" or one that has retained the old Soviet mentality.)


1986 17th Exhibition of Young Artists of Moscow. Kuznetsky Most Exhibition Hall, Moscow.

1987 Young Artists' Exhibition. Cinema Centre (Dom Kino), Moscow, Russia.

1988 One-woman show. Exhibition Hall of "Decorative Art" Magazine, Moscow, Russia

1988 18th Exhibition of Young Artists of Moscow, Manege Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia.

1989 International Art Fair, Poznan, Poland.

1989 Exhibition of Soviet Artists, Centre of Culture, Deton, USA.

1989 The First Art Auction at the Soviet Culture Foundation, Moscow, Russia.

1990 One-Woman Show, Red Square Gallery, London.

1991 The Soviet Art Exhibition. CCA Gallery, Cambridge.

1992 The Summer Exhibition. The Royal Academy of Arts, London.

1993 Two Artists Show. Ben Uri Art Gallery, London, England.

1993 The Summer Exhibition. The Royal Academy of Arts, London, England.

1993 CBF Special Sotheby's Auction, London, England.

1996 Russian Mid-Seasons, Exhibition of Russian Artists, Gallery Forty-Seven, London, England.

1998 Rubel Art, Exhibition of ARAGB, London, England.

1999 Russian Spring, Heifer Gallery, London, England.

2000 One-woman Show at Rosemary Brunch Theatre, London, England.

2000 Two Artists Show at the Globe LTC, London, England.

2014 Zverev Centre, Moscow, Russia.

2015 Retrospective Solo Exhibition, RTVI Office London, 6 Pall Mall East

2015 Amazons in The Tropic of Cancer event with Ludmila Ulitskaya and Sonia Roshal Fedorova, Berlin, Panda Theatre.

2016 Exhibit Here’s Summer Exhibition, Menier Gallery, London

2016 Lust For Life, International Group Exhibition, Menier Gallery, London

2016 Human Nature, Espacio Gallery,London

2017 Retrospective Solo Exhibition, Westminster Reference Library, London

2018 Cabinet of Wonders Group Exhibition, Shapero Rare Books, Mayfair, London

2018 ING Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London

2019 Solo Exhibition, Arbuzz J Fest, Stamford Bridge Stadium / Fulham Road / SW6 1HS London

2019 Russian Art Week, Bonhams

2020 Solo Exhibition, Arbuzz J Fest, Stamford Bridge Stadium / Fulham Road / SW6 1HS London

2020 Russian Art Week, Bonhams

Works are in the private collections in Germany, France, the Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, the USA, and Russia.

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