Sima Vassilieva

Artist born born in the Ukraine in 1954. A graduate of Moscow State University she has been painting since 1980 and has taken part in numerous prestigious exhibitions. She works in an unusual painting manner on wooden boards creating colour-saturated pictures with a great sense of humour and grotesques combined with deep lyricism. She is a London-based artist since 1990.

Having moved to Britain, Sima began collaborating with Scottish sculptor Tim Stead and painted on carved wooden objects from his workshop. The natural beauty of ring and grain pattern flowing through the timber was used by Sima to create organic and often abstract pictorial elements arranged in fluid compositions.

Recently, Sima has spent nearly three years living in Malaysia and travelled to Japan and China. Her travels and interest in asiatic cultures are reflected in some of her most recent works. Currently Sima's work is displaying a direction back towards Sotz-Art movement, to witch she once belonged, creating a gallery of Soviet characters painted on wooden scoops. (The Russian word for scoop is "Sovok", which also stands for a "Soviet person" or one that has retained the old Soviet mentality.)